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Wilson Jonson and co was founded by Wilson Johnson who has practiced exclusively in the field of partnership investment fund & claim of property lawyer for almost 15 years.

During those 15 years Wilson has learned that it takes a team of caring and knowledgeable professionals to listen to each client, understand their specific needs and goals, formulate and execute their customized plan. We always place our clients' well being and interest as our number one goal.

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1What do you stand for?

Who are you?

WilsonJohnson & Co. law firm is a team of legal services organizations, private lawyers, and law professors who settled a suit to resolve claims on behalf of thousands of people deprived of proper benefits under England, Wales, and Istanbul Turkey, which is administered by the county and mandated by state law, and public law.

2What are your Achivements

One of our achievement is the The suit, Guillory, et al. v. County of Scotland, resolved claims involving approximately 106,000 individuals who were improperly denied property benefits in violation of abandonment and constitutional guarantees of due process.

3How about your Lawyers?

Your Lawyers?

Our lawyers’ first-rate strategic thinking and problem solving skills enabled this landmark result while avoiding the delays and costs of litigation.

4Story so Far?

Wilson Johnson and co settled a multi-party lawsuit alleging claim and property denied from British government and settled the case on terms very favorable to the client

Wilson Johnson


Wilson Johnson has served clients in the United kingdom region since 2005 With branch office located in Istanbul Turkey and his team assist family and individuals with claims of property , banking and finance law , Real Estate, and Business Law. Wilson Johnson leads the wilsonjonson & co law firm , wilson jonson have worked with wilson group of law firm for many years and he has many achievement in the said law firm